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Introverts and Extroverts

Difference Between Introverts and Extroverts

You might think you know the difference between introverts and extroverts. You understand that extroverts are talkative and outgoing, while introverts are quiet and...

My Favorite Handbags

My hands down, absolute favorite accessory is handbags. I always splurge on these items because you can carry them so many outfits and good...

Ways To Save Money At The Movies

I love going to the movies. What I’m not in love with, however, is the cost. Every year, box office prices go up, and the...
Workout Clothing

Workout Clothing Brands For Women

Workout Clothing.From wearing sweats or a pair of black leggings with an oversized T-shirt for working out to being spoilt for choice by brands...

Simple And Quick Breakfast Ideas

We're always told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And unless you make a concerted effort to wake up timeously -...

Favorite Perfume And Fragrances

Do you have a favorite fragrance at the moment? You will after you read this. Whether you're looking to build a fragrance wardrobe from scratch...
shopping apps

The Best Online Shopping Apps

Shopping is so much better when done from the comfort of your bed! Check out our list of the very best online shopping apps...

How To Stay Organized

Learning how to stay organized is one thing, but remaining organized is a completely different matter. It took so long to organize your room and...

Bachelorette Party Ideas For Every Type Of Bride

A bachelorette party can be so much more than a night out with the girls. But before getting into planning mode, first thing's first:...

Fun And Easy Date Night/Day Ideas

When you first start dating, a nice meal and a few drinks is all it really takes. But after a while passes and you...

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