Healthy and fitness gift ideas to put together that serve as enjoyable and thoughtful gifts, and which can be motivational nudges toward living a healthier lifestyle.

And, because the habits of your friends and family can rub off on you, in some ways it’s like giving a gift to yourself as well.

Whether you plan to participate, or just encourage through your gift giving, nothing says, “I care about you,” quite so much as providing loved ones with options for living a healthier life.


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While many people already tote a trusty water bottle to work or the gym, why not give them another option.

We get used to our everyday items, so a new replacement can bring a much needed dose of inspiration.


When it comes to staying healthy, we often forget that mental health is just as important as physical fitness.

If you know someone who could benefit from taking a breather, consider buying them a yoga or meditation class, or even book a trip to the spa together.

Yoga can help decrease heart rate and blood pressure by “reducing perceived stress and anxiety,”. While meditation “can help ease Psychological stresses like anxiety, depression, and pain.


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If you or a loved one have considered taking a yoga class this coming year, you will need a durable and grippe mat to sustain your downward dog.

Look for options that are thick, sticky, and eco-friendly.


For some of us, exercise isn’t a problem but eating is. Staying healthy is about more than just staying active.

It requires a balance, and for many people the root of the problem lies with food, not with being sedentary. If you know someone who just can’t seem to step away from the comfort food, providing them with a cookbook full of healthy alternatives to their favorite meals.

Alternatively, if you have a loved one who consistently orders take-out because they don’t feel comfortable cooking. Finding a healthy cookbook for beginners and walking them through a few of the recipes could be a great way to alleviate their kitchen jitters.


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When buying the perfect gym bag, above all I look for protective storage space for personal belongings, like my keys and wallet.

I carry my whole life in my gym bag from my kid’s snacks, to resistance bands, to my yoga mat, so it’s important my gym bag can fit everything I need while still looking stylish!


Maybe the person you’re buying for, is more of a fashion fanatic than a foodie. If your friend or family member is into working out (or you know they want to start) give them something they’ll make good use out of.

Sometimes the encouragement needed for hitting the gym is looking great while doing it.


No time for a post-workout shower? No problem. Dry shampoo is a gym bag essential that makes a killer stocking stuffer.


We all realize the importance of sleep, but sometimes it can be hard to come by. Starting with simple steps can help, including wearing a basic sleep mask to block out the light.

Available in numerous colors and materials, this easy-to-pack present can be taken on trips or kept on the bedside table.


This may not seem like the most obvious “healthy gift” choice, but you’d be surprised.

Give your friends & family games , and perhaps that will encourage them to spend leisure time huddling over a board game instead of staring at a screen.


Looking to give a gift that’s still sweet, but comes with more health benefits than the usual platter of cookies and baked goods?

Forego the flour and opt for dark chocolate, which  depending on the brand and cocoa percentage offers a wide range of complex and delightful flavors.

Aim for 70 percent cocoa content or higher, keeping in mind that the higher the number, the less sweet it will be.


For a totally fun and novel gift you can’t beat the Yonanas.

The Yonanas turns frozen fruit (bananas, strawberries, etc.) into a smooth and creamy sorbet treat that satisfies the craving for ice cream without the unwanted ingredients.

If you know an ice cream lover, THIS is for them. It’s the perfect way to get a frozen sweet treat in a healthy way.