beauty tools

Oh, women! We just have too much stuff in our life! I’m sure, when we start talking about beauty, our list of must have beauty tools would never end! Must-have, wants, or needs , they seem to have the same meaning!

But really, here is a list of the most Spartan, must-haves of a woman in terms of beauty tools! You’ll surely never do without them!


In one’s life, one needs a mirror. Specially when you’re doing makeup! What more, if you are outside? Did you drink something, and saw lipstick transfer on the straw?

Do you still know if you have lipstick left or do you have a hole on your lips, poking pale flesh from a full red lip? Did you just commute all day, and forgot about how your hair fared, and how oily your skin became? Is your makeup still there?

Yes, mirror mirror in the bag, it’s the most important tool of all!


most important tool

Yes, this is a must-have. This is a must-have. Repeat after me, one last time, this is a must have beauty tool. If you’re not into makeup, this can save your overall look.

As you curl your lashes, you open your eyes up a little more, and look less tired and sleepy. Yep, those beautiful, long lashes, if not curled, can block the beauty of your eyes.

This is also a must-have to use before applying mascara and achieving that vavavoom well-defined eyes look!


Goody hair elastics . The eternal hair elastic mystery…. WHERE do they go?!?! I find them everywhere… the bathroom, makeup bag, car, kitchen, around my wrist…

I still go through them like water! These ones don’t pull and rip my hair out when I take it up and down multiple times a day.


Do you know that hair grows when you are stressed? Oh yes, in ALL the places, including the eyebrows. Slanted tweezers are the easiest to use.

Tweezers will help you maintain your threaded eyebrows, and if well-maintained and if you tweeze the first signs of regrowth of your hair, your vigilance will save you a lot of money from going back to the salon.


Even the rattiest of rats nests don’t stand a chance against the wet brush.

I have my local salon to thank for introducing me to the best detangling brush my hair has ever seen!


best tool

Amongst all the new innovations like the hair iron, curling iron, and all the variations of them, a blow dyer is just plain classic and reliable. It is more than just a tool that dries your hair quickly.

Be it the reliable travel-sized blower, or the really big one, they can do more than dry your hair. Using a really good round brush, and some practice, you can definitely give your hair that much needed bounce and volume!

This is certainly the best tool amongst all hair tools out there!


Here’s the thing… some gals like to put makeup on, some don’t. Some ladies like to style their hair, some don’t. I don’t know ANY one, male or female, who likes to shave!

So although a razor may not be the most glamorous of beauty tools, the Intuition is a must have nonetheless because of all of the time it doesn’t take me to shave!

A few swipes of this no shave-cream needed razor and I’m done. Love this genius invention!


must have beauty tools

Oh, you’re missing half of your life, if you still don’t have a makeup brush set! It’s a bit of challenging, and a hassle to always apply makeup using your fingers, and makeup brushes are actually the perfect complement with makeup products, and even make makeup work for you!

These tools of application, depending on quality, will actually help you obtain that flawless finish when you apply foundation, and get that soft-focus effect on applying blusher on the cheeks, if you wish. The right makeup brushes can help you achieve a beautiful, better you!