Workout Clothing

Workout Clothing.From wearing sweats or a pair of black leggings with an oversized T-shirt for working out to being spoilt for choice by brands that invest time, money, and technology on gym wear, I think we cannot get more lucky.

And, thanks to all these brands, preparing to sign up for the gym, yoga class or a body sculpting session has gotten twice as exciting.

Let’s look at some of the best workout clothing brands first, and then understand how to choose gym wear according to your workout activity and, of course, your body type.

10 Best Workout Clothing Brands For Women


From yoga pants to jackets, hoodies, accessories, shoes, and just about anything you can think of, Nike is the answer.

It caters to every kind of workout and body type for both men and women, plus it is constantly innovating its design technique for better comfort and style.


Adidas focuses on the aesthetics of your outfit while keeping the design quotient intact.

It is budget-friendly and stylish, and caters to people with varied tastes and personalities.

A one stop solution for all your athletic needs.



If you are a football fan, you need no introduction to the third largest active wear brand in the world.

It is the official sponsor of the biggest football clubs in the world, and there’s a reason for it. Its shorts, shoes, and sports jackets are some of the best sellers.

From casual footwear to clothes for extreme sports, it offers everything.


Not many people know that Reebok has been a subsidiary of Adidas for over a decade now and been in the active wear manufacturing business for 60 years.

It is constantly upping its game to make workout clothes fancy, comfortable, and affordable all at the same time.

Reebok is the official apparel partner for Cross Fit, Spartan Race, etc., so if you are a Cross Fit enthusiast, you know what to choose.

Under Armour

‘Under Armour’ is your go-to brand for any physical activity-related clothes.

What started gaining popularity for undergarments etc., has branched out into apparel – and succeeded too! It then introduced lines like ‘Hot & Cold Gear’, which is one of its kind.

Under Armour in two words – long-lasting and comfortable.

Olympia Active Wear

Kaili Lickle started this brand after graduating with a degree in design and visual merchandising. The idea was to find the missing piece in the athleisure sector and to make functional and straightforward clothing.

With soft fabrics, soothing colors, refined styles, and pleasing silhouettes, it is a favorite brand of many. Who would have thought active wear could be elegant?

Outdoor Voices

‘Outdoor Voices’ is a brand that started with a bang.

Its clothes are made of four different kinds of fabrics – textured compression, mossed jersey, stretch crepe, and rec poly – something we have practically not seen before.

Be it a hike with friends, a walk with your dog, your daily HIIT workout or anything else that involves moving around, it has so much to offer, and all things exciting.


It is a technical athletic apparel brand that started off as a design studio that was also moonlighting as a yoga studio. Then, it started designing specifically for yoga.

It aimed to share and build a community that helps and encourages healthy living and makes it a way of life.

With excellent customer feedback and a growing customer base, it moved on to making clothes for running, cycling, and other forms of physical training.


Asics is a Japanese corporation that primarily started off by making shoes for basketball, and then moved on to specializing in shoe-making.

It started to get famous after officially distributing for Olympics. From there, it expanded its horizons into manufacturing sports equipment and apparel.

You can shop according to your activity, sport, and functionality, the options are quite elaborate and specific.


Fabletics proves that you don’t have to be boring just because you are working out.

It offers attractive, funky, and comfortable workout clothing in designs you do not see everywhere.

Fabletics is all about breathable and fashionable active wear.